About Luna Blue Magic Salve

Nestled away sweetly in a tiny valley is where the all of magic begins... 

Luna Blue Magic Salve is made in a small town in Northern California that is hugged by rolling hills~ sprinkled with Giant Golden Oaks and soaring Redwood trees. A tiny valley in this town along side a stone filled creek is where you’ll find the home of Luna Blue Magic Salve. 

  My name is Liz and I am the hands on creator of Luna Blue Magic Salve. As I started on this journey of mine to create a salve, I gathered the finest ingredients that I could get my hands on.  Absolutely everything that goes into Luna Blue Magic Salve, is organic or all natural. When it is available, I choose to get my ingredients through small farms. 

 One dab and you will start to feel the magic begin... 

 Luna Blue Magic Salve is so very therapeutic in aiding pain relief for arthritis, sore muscles, daily aches and pains, cramps, cuts, burns and bruises... It’s also so good for circulation. Luna Blue’s vibe is ultra relaxing.

Rub some on the bottom of your feet before bed to help be lulled into a state of dream land... Dab some on your chest or under your nose to help bring some relief to anxiety and ease yourself into a pattern of calm breathing. 

 I just know that you’ll find yourself turning to Luna Blue Magic Salve, for so many reasons, as I do. 

 I set the intentions of love with each and every batch that I personally make. You’ll find peace in knowing that you are using a salve that is created with all things good, surrounded by the raw beauty of Mother Nature and all of her offerings. 

  I’d like you to know that when you are shopping around for a CBD salve, the range that you will find is large and wide. I want you to find what is right just for you...You are your own unique being, with your own customized needs. 

  Luna Blue Magic Salve contains the legal amount of .3% of THC that CBD products are allowed to have. The very trace amounts of THC that are found in the salve have been proven to help boost the powerful properties of the CBD. The percentage of THC is so low that the salve is non psychoactive and safe, always.

 An old saying once said, “The proof is in the...” what was it, again?


The proof is in the salve. 

Be blessed. 


Creator of Luna Blue Magic Salve.